Dave Robinson cruises to victory

Sunday May 31 2015

Bridlington Cycling club Mayflower road race.

Robinson cruises to victory

The Grimsby based Flex-tech Ettridge cycle’s race team continued their busy schedule with two of the team, Andy Johnson and Dave Robinson involved in the Bridlington cycling clubs inaugural road race.Dave Robinson

Held around Burton Fleming on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds the event was always going to be a tough hilly event but conditions on the day insured this was the case with heavy rain accompanied by a gale force westerly wind.

As the competitors head off from Burton Fleming village the rain eased but with wet roads conditions were tricky, the first attempt to break the race up was made by the flex-tech rider Andy Johnson who was joined by one other rider from the peloton, Johnson began to open up a gap on lap 1 but the peloton who have now become accustom to flex-tech riders getting away decided to give chase.

With a number of riders putting in a determined effort the bunch eventually made it onto the back of the breakaway pair as the race started up the main hill of the course, flex-tech rider Dave Robinson who had sat in the peloton whilst the chase was on knew that with everyone trying to recover from the effort of chasing Johnson down it was the time to make his move, instantly launching a strong attack up the hill, with several riders still trying to recover Robinson pulled out a significant gap.

As he turned left at the top of the hill, the reality of the strong head wind became apparent, meanwhile two riders had made a break from the main peloton and were attempting to bridge across to Robinson.

The chase was now with three riders away from the main bunch so early in the race, the breakaway riders were going to pursued hard, the Grimsby teams strong race record usually means they are watch closely are not often given much room to get away but Robinsons attack had been perfectly timed.

Robinson knowing the difficulty of holding on alone in such difficult conditions eased his pace back slightly knowing the help of two other riders was essential to stay away from the chasing peloton.

The tough conditions resulted in only one rider making the gap across to Robinson; however, the new paring worked well and managed to increase their advantage to the main bunch of riders holding onto their advantage for over 35 miles.

Robinson had already picked up a sprint preem on lap 3 because of being the first rider to past the start finish line at the half waypoint of the race. It was now a case of concentrating over the last few miles to hold off the peloton who had one final attempted to close the gap but the distance already secured was sufficient to give Robinson the victory and his second win of the season in the LVRC road race.