Dave Robinson wins once more…

Road Cycling Race

Event: LVRC 9th August , Flintham. Newark.


One of the strongest field of competitors entered this prestigious race on the LVRC calendar with Grimsby based Dave Robinson and John Strachan represented the Flex-tech Ettridge race team.

Over 50 riders lined up for the start of the race on Sunday morning with a neutralised section through the village of Flintham.

However once clear of the village as the flag dropped the race exploded into action with an instant increase in pace by one of the early favourites. It was clear to all that the race was going to break up as the fastest riders took control early on.

After 2 miles of initial skirmishing between the competitors the peloton eased back and Flex-tech rider Robinson took his opportunity to make his attack accelerating away from the group. This attack from Robinson was anticipated drew an immediate response from the strongest riders in the peloton and a very powerful alliance of 11 riders started to pull away from the peloton.

However the chase from the peloton was far from over and furious pace had to be adopted by the breakaway with all 11 riders in the breakaway suffering to maintain their initial advantage, but by the half way point at 30 miles the breakaway group had made a one and half minute gap to the main bunch. As the breakaway crossed the line to starts its last lap some of the riders were beginning to suffer from a combination of high pace and the warm weather this was sensed by Robinson and he made a bid to get away from the lead group they were not going to allow this without a response and the chase was on. As the group caught Robinson and with just three miles to go he immediately attacked again this time it turned out to be decisive as the chase group were unable to make the effort to catch Robinson and he managed to stay away from the group to take first place in the D category race.


1st Dave Robinson                  Flex-tech Ettridge cycles RT

2nd John Hopper                   Cottingham Coureurs RT

3rd Keith Middleton                   Velo club Lincoln