Flex-tech Ettridge cycles Road race.

Flex-tech Ettridge cycles Road race.

The Grimsby based Flex-tech race team have now run this road race for two years and the first year’s event was considered such a success by the competitors that the event has now qualified as part of the prestigious Percy Stallard series. As a result of this riders will travel considerable distances to compete for the Percy Stallard trophy which tends to lift the standard of the competition.

As expected The Flex tech team had a number of its riders taking part and in this home event as there was considerable pride at stake to be on the podium.

The inform Dave Robinson was representing the team Grimsby and it was hoped he could deliver a good result. With three consecutive wins under his belt over the past 5 weeks the rest of the field were more than aware of the threat Robinson was going to be as this evident from the start.

The race set off at Great Limber village turning left onto the 3 mile climb to Pelham’s Pillar near Caistor top. With strong cross winds blowing break away attempts by solo riders were going to prove very tough. As the race reached the top of the first climb Robinson decided to test the peloton and made a strong move to break away but the peloton were both alert and also too fresh to allow this to succeed and the Flex-tech rider was immediately chased down. This set the format for the next 30 miles as Robinson attacked from the front of the Peloton every time the circuit started to climb the steepest part of drag to Pelham’s Pillar.

With no luck with this route Robinson then attempted a much more bold move as the peloton turned out of Limber and into what was a fierce head wind the flex tech rider took his opportunity and headed away, somewhat caught off guard by the move the peloton group were slow to react allowing Robinson to gain 500meters. The Peloton could now see a real danger and set about closing the gap before Robinson was too far ahead, with a strong head wind Robinson as a lone rider was always going to struggle to hold off the 40 strong Peloton and he was caught just before the start of the final lap.

Undeterred and hoping the tired legs could be a factor at the top of the Pelham’s Pillar climb for the last time just as the competitors were trying to recover from the effort needed, Robinson went again this time making an all or nothing effort, instantly spotted by an alert rider in the peloton John Manning who was also able the effort needed the pair make a big drive to gap the rest of the field, with two strong riders working together the pair began to make their effort count and the gap soon increased. The peloton was now breaking up as small goups made desperate attempts to close the charging duo who were now working well together. The lead pair hit the climb to the finish with a respectable gap from the rest of the riders and Robinson made his hill climbing strength pay as he pulled away from Manning with a couple of hundred meters to go taking victory and picking up his now fourth consecutive win whilst ensuring a Flex-tech riders name appears on the list of winners of the home event.


First:                       Dave Robinson                                    Flex-tech Ettridge cycles RT

Second:                   John Manning                                    Derby Mercury

Third:                       Steve Jolly                                    Onimpex Bio Racer