Flex-Tech Ettridge RT rider Dave Robinson picks up cyclocross trophy in his first season

Flex-Tech Ettridge RT rider Dave Robinson picks up Lincolnshire cyclocross trophy in his first full season

Once the cycling road racing season drew to an end in October 2015 Grimsby’s Flex- tech Ettridge RT team member Dave Robinson turned his attention to Cyclocross competing in a number of events around the county.
Cyclocross is often classed as the purist form of cycling racing as it held off road across farm tracks, fields and involves a combination of cycling on tracks, through deep mud and climbing with bike over obstacles such as ditches and embankments. The Lincolnshire series visits locations across Lincolnshire from Binbrook to Grantham and involves up to 95 riders in each race
Races last for around 50 minutes plus 1 lap of the circuit being used, every event presents differing challenges to the rides as no two circuits are the same some are open and require outright speed, others are through woodlands and require greater bike handling skills, the only common factor tends to be as the autumn progress generally conditions deteriorate for the riders.
Dave missed the first events of the season but once he had the right type of bike for these events he took to the challenge with gusto.

At his first event held around a farm parkland course near Alford he came 2nd in his class and as the season has progressed Dave has been in the top 2 placing in his class with three first place results in the last 3 events.
The series has a number of categories and Dave’s consistency at the events during the late autumn and winter when these events take place has brought him overall victory in the Lincolnshire trophy day series by just two points.
Dave’s consistency prompted the team to encourage him to take part in the national LVRC championship held near Warwick in late December, this event draws rides in from the whole of the UK and Dave’s performance on the day saw him finish in 5th place in the event and with the experience gained from this year’s events he has already decide to enter next year’s national championship.
With the cyclocross season almost at an end Dave can but the cyclocross bike away and start concentrating on training for the road racing season again which starts in early spring.
2015/16 Lincolnshire Trophy day series overall results
1st Dave Robinson Flex-tech Ettridge RT
2nd Stephen Walker Trent Valley CRC
3rd Eddie Loftus Lincoln Wheelers

Dave in action during December 2015

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