Flex-tech Ettridge take top spots in time trial competition.

Flex-tech Ettridge team take top spots in Local time trial competition.

A trio of the Grimsby based cycle race team Flex-tech Ettridge cycles competed in the Lindsey roads organised hilly time trial cycling event on Tuesday evening.

The event one of a series run by the local club was on the renowned 9.5 mile lung busting course taking in several steep climbs around Swallow, Rothwell and Beelsby.

Dave RobinsonA fine warm but windy evening brought out a good field of riders looking to give their fitness an early season test.

First off around the course was Flex Ettridge tech rider Dave Robinson who set a blistering pace and set down what turned out to be an unbeatable marker for the rest of the field by completing the difficult course in 23minutes and 56 seconds and was the only rider on the night able to get around the course in under 24 minutes.

Second place on the night was another Flex-tech rider and local fire fighter Andy Dennis who completed the test in 24mins 55secs.

Flex tech rider Graham Briggs who has just returned following a week cycling in southern Spain powered his way around in 25minutes 49 seconds to take fourth place in the event.

The local Flex-tech team have been working hard on the bikes during the winter to get fit with regular training sessions of over 70 miles; results so far look like this training has been worthwhile.

Full results

Event Lindsey roads Hilly time trial 14th April

1st Dave Robinson                             Flex-tech Ettridge cycles RT                                    23m 56

2nd Andy Dennis                                     Flex-tech Ettridge cycles RT                                              24m 55

3rd Shaun Robinson                                Lindsey roads                                                                       25m 23

4th Graham Briggs                                   Flex-tech Ettridge cycles RT                                              25m 49

5th Michael Carpenter                             Lindsey roads                                                                        25m 56

6th Paul Wakefield                                   Lindsey roads                                                                        26m 32

7th Dave Briggs                                         Lindsey roads                                                                        27m 05

8th Troy Chalkley                                     Lindsey roads                                                                        27m 59

9th Martin Rushby                                   Lindsey roads                                                                        28m

10th Ian Gower                                          Lindsey roads                                                                        28m 52

11th Paul Jones                                          Guest rider                                                                            29m 15

12th Steve Wakefield                                Lindsey roads                                                                        29m18

13th Steve Cole                                           Lindsey roads                                                                        29m 35

14th Mark Staples                                      Lindsey roads                                                                        29m 38

15th Steve Lammin                                    Lindsey roads                                                                        29m 43

16th Ian Smalley                                         Lindsey roads                                                                        29m 50

17th Mark Clark                                           Lindsey roads                                                                        31m 49

18th Andy Taylor                                        Guest rider                                                                             32m 11

19th Steve Walster                                      Lindsey roads                                                                        32m 46

20th Jon North                                            Guest rider                                                                            33m 42

21st John Emmerson                                  Lindsey roads                                                                        35m 26

22nd Katrina Walster                                  Lindsey roads                                                                        37m