Robinson breaks the 30mph barrier

Dave Robinson (1)

City of Hull road club promoted 10-mile time trial.

Flex-tech Ettridge cycles RT rider Dave Robinson took a weekend off from road racing to compete in the Hull City road club promoted 10-mile time trial.

Time trialling is a very different discipline to road racing as each competitor sets off at 1 minute intervals and has to complete the course distance on an individual basis, also known as the race of truth as the entire effort is solo.

In time trialling circles the Holy Grail is the capability to ride at or just above 30mph for the race distance. For a 10-mile time trial this means a time quicker than 20 minutes. Dave has been close this time on a number of occasions over the last two seasons with a tantalising 20 minutes and 3 seconds recorded last year.

However, conditions where favourable last Sunday at this event with light winds and cool conditions prevailing as Dave Robinson left the starting line. At the half way point Dave realised that a sub 20-minute run was looking highly likely but a slight climb on the home leg is always the point that slows riders down. Dave began to dig deep for the extra few watts needed to power his bike up the slope and onto the home straight. As Dave crossed the line the official timers recorded a time of 19 minutes and 32 seconds giving an average speed of over 30mph.

Dave is the first member of the Flex-tech Ettridge RT team to break through the 30mph barrier in this discipline and at 19m 32 seconds this time also now stands as one of the fastest 10 mile times of any rider in the region.